Why I like Honduras!

January 29, 2007 at 5:53 pm (January)

1.  Its 80 degrees and a clear blue sky practically everyday, even though its January.

2. I like beans and rice and tortillas.

3. There is always “manana.”

4. The watermelon is pretty good.

5.  The beer is pretty good and it only costs 60 cents

6.  I don’t have to watch President Bush give a State of the Union address.

7. Professional soccer games only cost 5 bucks.

8. Its 80 degrees and clear blue sky even though its going to be February.

9.  My kids don’t play Nintendo and ask to go Walmart.

10.  We found the hugest cockroach I have every seen! (3-4 inches long)


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Stevens´ open new orphanage

January 20, 2007 at 4:25 pm (January)

Our new orphanage is called NPG (Nuestros Pequños Gatitos) or Our little kittens.  Mom and dad said “No more cats” to the boy´s pleas, but we finally broke down and adopted the latest of a series of orphaned animals that show up at the door. Its a never ending stream of needy children and animals!  Below are the newest orphans, Taco and Nacho.


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Henry’s Birthday

January 16, 2007 at 6:00 pm (January)

For Henry’s birthday this year he asked to go on a hike to a local waterfall swimming hole with his best friends here. I was happy to oblige since he usually wants to go to Jokers! No Jokers in Honduras!!! Yippee!! Henry’s two orphan friends were so happy. It occurred to me that spending an afternoon with two friends and their mother is something the orphans never get a chance to do. Jefry was literally howling with glee.


Jefry, Joshua (the director’s son), Henry and Gerson at the swimming hole


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Lucas in the hospital

January 9, 2007 at 11:56 am (January)


This is Lucas just after his surgery.  He is doing much better now.  In fact we had to get him down from the roof yesterday!  The freak’in kid!

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Lucas has a bad accident

January 2, 2007 at 4:32 pm (January)

We had a very scary thing happen, well Lucas did.  On Friday night we were down at the hogar hanging around before dinner.  All of the sudden Henry comes running  in a panic saying that Lucas fell from a tree and broke his arm and the bone is sticking out.  We ran out to find him screaming.  The bone had not poked through the skin but his arm was shaped like a Z.  It was really gross.  When we had him lift his arm to put it across his chest is whole hand just hung down from his arm.  We rushed him to the hospital and luckily the doctor, who had treated me for my broken arm, was there.  It turns out that Lucas had snapped both lower arm bones completely in half.  He was going to have to have an operation the next morning to pin the bones back together..oh brother, surgery in Honduras, a scary thought.  Anyway, Lucas and I stayed the night in the hospital and he cried all night long. The next morning he went off to surgery.  He came through okay, and we think we trust the doctor.  He had to stay in the hospital another night.  I was so scared for him, but am counting my blessings that it wasn’t worse. We are on our way to Roatan right now..we have to catch the ferry shortly.  He is doing okay now but still in a fair amount of pain.  We won´t get to swim or snorkel in Roatan.  I feel so badly for the little guy.  He will be in the cast for two months before he gets the pins pulled out.

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