Back home

August 13, 2007 at 11:38 am (July07)

We arrived back in the States on July 29 after some tearful goodbyes.  Its pretty easy to coast right back into the life of plenty.  I can’t stop eating all of the yummy food…and so many choices!  Its nice to have electricity that works everyday, and water too! We miss the boys in our hogar though. I felt like we were abandoning them once again.

I want to thank all of those who read my blog.  It was great fun sharing our stories and getting your comments.  I won’t be writing about life at Phillips Exeter Academy, since you will all be bored and nauseated rather quickly, but we plan to return to Honduras for more fun.

Adios amigos!


1 Comment

  1. kris said,

    hi elisabeth, carl and the boys!
    Nice to read that you are well home. I am on my way back now. I needed to say hi from your boys and send big hugs and a lot of love from them!
    Hope you will get used to live at home again soon (next to the water and electricity 🙂 )
    Can you send me your email adres so we can stay in touch? That would be nice!
    big hug!

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