Not Again Lucas!!

July 27, 2007 at 7:02 pm (July07)

Okay, so we are the worst parents ever.  Over a week ago Lucas fell and hurt is arm again.  It bothered him some, but then he’d g out and play soccer or rollerblade.  Our friend the doctor examined him and thought we should get an x-ray.  He seemed to be getting better, so we didn’t bother.  Finally Lucas asked us if he could get an x-ray becasue it was still bothering him…”well, okay” we said unenthusiastically.  Guess what?  Its broken again in the same place!!  Now he is in a cast (luckily no operations this time!)  All this while we are going from one party or event to the next as its our last week here.  We are so sad to leave the children and so excited to go home too.  Tomorrow is our last day on the ranch 😦

We are featured on the NPH official website for the posa project.  Check it out!


1 Comment

  1. La Gringa said,

    I’m going to miss your articles!

    A similar thing happened to me when I was 5. My cousins dumped me out of a wagon and I cried and cried all day long. My father kept telling me to quit being a baby. Finally, late that night they grudgingly took me to the hospital and found that I had a broken arm. So, it happens. I’m sure he forgives you!

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