Carl’s recycling program!

July 1, 2007 at 9:40 pm (July07)

  Earlier this year there was a great deal of fuss over all the litter on the ranch.  Littering is a huge problem in Honduras, and it carried over to the ranch as well.  Carl did a little research and found that at this place by the dump, this woman will buy all kinds of recyclables.  Every 20 bottles is worth 5 cents.  Every 3 cans is worth 5 cents, and copper is worth a considerable amount (I forget how much).  So, Carl started buying bottles, cans, and copper from the kids. Well, it has turn into an unbelievable enterprise.  Boys are at our door CONTINUALLY selling us trash.  The ranch has been picked clean of bottles and cans.  It’s now one of the cleanest places in Honduras. Kids were also bringing copper by the pound.  We were beginning to worry that they were ripping electrical wire out of the hogars.  We eventually found out that they were stealing left over copper from one of the workshops.  We don’t buy copper anymore. BUT, the cans and bottles never stop. If it wasn’t for such a good purpose, I would have put my foot down long ago, because the traffic at our door, already a big problem, is even worse.  We don’t get a moment’s peace.  Our porch is a fly infested pile of giant plastic bags of bottles.  The worst was when one day some boys arrived with a big bag of returnable soda and beer bottles.  After they had emptied the bag of returnables, they proceeded to drink the stagnant, left over soda/beer that had dripped out of the bottles from the bottom of the bag.  Boy, they sure do love soda.  I almost gagged.



  1. Honduras Sprout said,

    OH my gosh, I didn’t expect that! Thinking about them drinking that…bleck!
    What an awesome idea though! I am amazed at the amount of trash everywhere in Honduras. I live in a guarded colonia and people seem to take care of their properties pretty good here, but every day I can go out and pick trash up. The residential park here on Sundays is covered with empty bags of water from all the soccer players and kids. I have seen homes too with what seems like mountains of plastic bottles in their yard.

  2. Tony Deien said,

    I am interested in finding out more infor about plastic recycling in Honuduras. What kind of plastics, where to take them, how much is paid, etc. I am looking at our church to start a recycling program first in our church and then share the idea with the neighbors, and to keep spreadin this idea. Anyone interested in helping or know where I can get any information.

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