more on the buses

June 24, 2007 at 1:51 pm (June)

Riding the buses is Honduras is always an experience.  They are usually packed and it is rare that we actually get a seat on the way home from Tegucigalpa.  Sometimes there are 20-30 people standing in the aisle.  Recently, the police seem to be cracking down on this, presumably for safety reasons.  There is always at least one police check point on the way home from Tegucigalpa.  At the check points money often changes hands between the police and busdrivers, either bribes or fines.  To avoid these fines the bus driver and assistants have now resorted to screaming at everyone who is standing to kneel down in the aisle, so when we pass the police check point, the police won’t see the packed-in people.  The ironic part is that the very people the police are trying to protect, the passengers, always readily comply with the bus driver.  I guess people feel the alternative would be no bus ride at all, or waiting another hour for the next bus with seats available. Too funny!


1 Comment

  1. La Gringa said,

    Yeah, but it is sad-funny, not funny-funny.

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