On the evolution of the cat in Honduras

May 7, 2007 at 5:40 pm (May)

We’ve noticed the behavior of the Honduran cat is quite a bit different than its cousins in the
United States. I’m convinced that the selective pressures on the house cat here in
Honduras have created a more skittish, and of course skinny animal in comparison.  It makes complete sense if you think about it.  The typical American house cat is usually neutered or spade, lies around the house all day watching TV, and snacking on kibbles and bits.  Occasionally, it looks out the window at the birds and fantasizes about its ancestors’ wild bird hunts.  After a few minutes, it’s time for another nap.  The resulting obese animals are lazy, confident, big princes (and princesses).


Here in
Honduras there are so many dangers.  Wild dogs roam around, snakes and scorpions are all over the place, its difficult to find food, and of course there are bitter battles for dominance with other cats.  In fact, our youngest cat, Nacho, has been regularly hunted by a large tom cat in the area.  His response is like no other I have seen before in my extensive experience with house cats.  When attacked, he releases his bowels all over the place.  During the last attack, he tried to crawl up between our window and the window bars.  The hunter followed him and our dear Nacho let loose an explosion of cat poop all over the window. It is either an ingenious defense mechanism, or he is literally having the shit scared out of him.  Whatever it is, it sure is does create quite a scene. We thought this was a one time occurrence, but it has happened on every occasion of a fight.  Now when we hear Nacho howling in another fight, we yell “Oh Shit!” We are concerned about Nacho, but we may be more concerned about where we’ll find the poop splatter.


We are going to try to smuggle little Nacho to the States with us.  Right now we are working on a counterfeit passport.  We think it will be fun to have a little illegal alien in our household. Just wait until those American cats meet their Hondureño cousin.  It will be a blast (or possibly a splatter)!


Nacho poses for his passport picture.





  1. La Gringa said,

    Hi E! Very funny. You had me laughing out loud.

    Check out this link:


    I don’t think you have to resort to smuggling at all. It actually sounds easier to take an animal into the US than it is to bring one into Honduras. That’s logical, since we all know how well animals are cared for here in Honduras…. ;-(

    That is just one of the many things that you can learn from our Honduras Living discussion group. 🙂

    • Barbara Farrier said,

      I met a beautiful Cali colored cat here last Saturday in Honduras on Vacation.
      She is a stray at Las Rocas and is beautiful.
      Some of the tourists feed her but she was very skinny when we met her,
      We are here til Nov 23 2013 and bought all kinds of snacks for her and cat food, She is staying on our balcony.
      Very content and gorgeous.
      We looked up the cost to take her home with us to the united states and it said for for her shots, vet fees, soft crate under the seat and we have to buy a ticket… total $300.00. We would take her home with us in a minute if we could afford it.
      Already fallen in love with cali-cat.
      I sure hope someone takes care of her after we leave.
      If we could afford it we would take her

  2. Barbara Farrier said,

    I would post a picture of cali cat if I knew how.

  3. Barbara Farrier said,

    Left Roatan Nov 23, Coming back on the Princess Dec 10 for 1 day to Las Rocas to see Cali Cat. Cant wait

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